About Byron Katie

Byron Katie is the founder of the process calledThe Work.  The Work found Katie on the floor of a half way house in 1986.  Previous to this Katie thought she was a kind person, a good mother;  only to find her children were terrified of her, she was agoraphobic, depressed, suicidal, on anti-depressants, over weight and filled with rage and self-loathing.

What Katie found at that half way house was​ "when she believed her thoughts she suffered but when she didn't believe them she didn't suffer."  

As the work woke up in her everything that appeared to her was met with the four questions.  It took Katie a few years to process the transformation that had happened and learn to live in this world that was "brand new" to her.  She was seeing and being with everything as if for the first time.  Those around her got swept up in  the freedom and innocence she apparently had found.  They too wanted this experience.  

Since that day Katie has brought the work to millions of people throughout the world, helping them to help themselves  free themselves of their stressful stories.

Watch Katie doing The Work here:

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