Jehrin Alexandria
​I was a professional ballerina and living in NYC when one day I realized life was just not working for me, I was internally suffering and did not knowing why. I would stop on the street holding onto lamp posts stricken with anxiety and fear in the middle of a panic attack. This followed by a series of head shattering migraines that would come and go at will.

This lead me to becoming a student studying consciousness and I began a very diligent personal practice of a type of focused/meditative work. I was driven to go within in search of peace and understanding for these physical symptoms as well as resolution for a violent and physically abusive upbringing. 
As the years progressed it appeared that some things in my life were getting better but not all things. There were still some big pieces that felt like open sores. For all the psychological and spiritual work I was doing I found myself still beating myself up and feeling badly. Never really letting anyone in, often feeling unloved, angry, confused and resentful. Thoughts like "they don't like me", "they don't love me", "no one understands me" were reoccurring projections.

After years of various painful events, someone gave me "Loving What Is" and the "Sampler" dvd of Katie doing The Work. I was jaw dropped amazed. Here was the way I wanted to Action, being demonstrated by Katie. 
I could feel the authenticity pouring out of Katie as I watched the dvd. I witnessed peace, love, calm and evenness in her work with others. I remember marveling at how many people felt and acted the same way that I did. I had thought I was alone, a very wretched creature, only to find I was like everyone else, simply confused, believing my thoughts.

In 2009 I went to my first School for the Work. It was there that I found a part of myself, that was so deep, so profoundly peaceful, loving, connected, I felt like I had finally arrived Home. This place is a beacon for me now, a place I drop into and listen, it lives in my heart.

I still have reactions and stories, upsets and beliefs but the edge on them has greatly diminished. I now have a place to go, a way to look at my stressful thoughts sanely, kindly. 

My experience of the world is much more loving, peaceful, kind and in alignment with why I was first drawn to "consciousness" studies to begin with; the desire to live a life so fully that I could love everything and everyone, no matter their story.

I am happy to do the work with you. I have experienced many areas of life  from addition to food, drugs, sex and alcohol. I have sat with and facilitated many others who continue to teach me the way. 

If you are new to the work I would recommend 4 sessions. That is a nice way to start, get a feel for it and have some support.
If you have been doing the work you might just like a little help here and there. I am available for that as well.  

My prices are as follows:
1 One Hour Session $100.00-$150.00 sliding scale fee
4 One Hour Sessions $360.00-$500.00 sliding scale

All Session packages must be used within 3 months unless other arrangements have been made.

*All Workshops also offer a sliding scale fee, please feel free to contact me with your questions.

I prefer to be paid in advance of our first session by check, cash or I can bill you through paypal and you can use a CC. 
Checks can be sent to:
Jehrin Alexandria, P.O. Box 11611, Olympia, WA 98508

My Contact: 
Phone: 360-489-8729  
SKYPE: jehrin1 

AND I am free on the Helpline along with a host of other wonderful facilitators.
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